What makes a Good School Bag! - Swanbag

Ergonomic Design

Given the choice, most kids will be more interested in choosing their favorite cartoon character design or color or overall aesthetic appeal of the bag.

As a parent, we’d be looking at other more ‘practical’ aspects-such as durability, size and more importantly-how ergonomic is the bag in question.

In other words, an ergonomic design encourages a lifelong good standing posture for your kids. While carrying a light load such as a backpack is good for your kid to promote good skeletal development in their early growing stages, carrying a backpack that is too heavy or not ergonomically designed can cause imbalances that will eventually lead to poor posture, muscle pain and strains on their back, neck and shoulders. 

A good ergonomic school bag can be identified by having a thick and comfortable back padding, shoulder straps lined with thick sponge, and additionally a U-shaped shoulder straps that support and ensure optimum weight distribution such as the Swan Ergolite Ergonomic Spinal Protection Bag.


Choosing the right school bag means looking at quality over quantity. A good quality school bag will benefit you in the long run because it can last up to many years.

To add to this, most reputable brands provide warranties for several years that will keep you in good standing to maintain the bag.

Good school bags have high quality fabric and stitching that make them durable enough to handle all those heavy textbooks and the standard wear and tear-basically children being children.

While zippers are often overlooked, they are one of the most used features of a backpack. Low quality zippers tend to break easily and this makes it a hassle to get them replaced. You wouldn’t want to throwaway a perfectly working bag just because you can’t zip up a certain compartment, right? So, zippers do matter!

Thick paddings on the back are also important to protect the contents of the bag and provide comfort for the one carrying the bag.


We know that your kid’s school activities are not only limited to classrooms but they also have extra-curricular activities after classes. Choosing a versatile bag saves you the headache of having to fit materials for different occasions such as classroom learning, sports activities, as well as a leisure bag to bring out.

A versatile bag is one that is spacious and has multiple compartments, waterproof and a neutral color that is suitable for every occasion. A good example of a versatile backpack would be the Swan TXP Prime Backpack.