School Holidays are finally here so it’s time to have some fun adventures with family and friends! We know some of you might be travelling abroad, going back to your hometown or having weekend trips and staycations with your loved ones. Whether it’s a long or short trip, SWAN has plenty of bags and accessories that will surely suit your travelling needs, for you to bring along in your escapade. Check out our travel essentials list below to help you plan and pack for your next exciting adventure:


Foldable and lightweight, with a large capacity and spacious interior, the SWAN Duffle Travel Bag is designed with ease and versatility in mind for your travels. It is also made with high quality material and durable straps and zippers, so you can be sure our bags are long-lasting and great to bring around. Comes in two patterns – Baby Unicorn and Dinosaur, these duffle bags will definitely be your go-to bag for weekend trips. The bag is priced at RM 119.90 each. 


If you’re looking for a bigger bag for a longer trip, we definitely recommend our SWAN EVA EXP Trolley Case. Comes in three colours – Pink, Blue and and Grey, this trolley case has a large capacity with expandable zippers to fit all your luggage and travel essentials. It also has a base extender for better balance for when your luggage expands. The trolley case also comes with a combination lock to ensure safety and privacy of your items. You can get our SWAN EVA EXP Trolley Case at RM 99.90 each.


Another essential item on our list is the SWAN Sisu Toiletry Bag which comes in two colours, Blue and Maroon. This convenient pack is the perfect size to fit in your luggage or backpack. Comes with multiple compartments and sections; ample space for you to store your various items such as toiletries, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or even tech accessories like wires and chargers. Its compact design and handle makes it easy to carry around, and you can easily access your items and just fold it back up when you’re ready to go. Get the Sisu Toiletry Bag at RM 45.90 each.


Next up on our list is one of our personal favourites; the SWAN Neck Pillow which comes in a variety of vibrant colours and designs. Our neck pillows are comfortable and provide good support for necks in any sitting position during long periods of travel – whether on planes, buses or car rides. It also comes in cute designs like watermelon, carrot, bear and elephant so you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice! Each neck pillow is priced at RM 39.90.


Last on our travel essentials list is the SWAN Tote Bag – a definite staple for travelling and shopping. The bag comes in multiple attractive colours and is made from water-resistant material so you won’t have to worry about bringing it out and about, especially at beaches or swimming pools. Its spacious interior and side compartments make it the perfect bag for you to fit in your shopping and souvenirs when you’re travelling abroad. The bag is priced at RM 69.90 each.