Established in year 2000, SWAN Foundation is the charity arm of MJ Boutique Sdn. Bhd., Hwa Thong Bags Industries Sdn. Bhd., the pioneer & leading manufacturer, distributor of SWAN school bags in Malaysia.

Not just in keeping with our social corporate commitment to society, SWAN Foundation has tiredlessly, generously & compassionately give to the special need individuals, under-privilaged communities, places of worship & charity social organisations irrespective of the race, religion or creed of its recipients. Giving to the charity is all about our sense of feelings, belonging & commitments to bring hope & joy to the hopeless.


Through SWAN Foundation, we need to plan not just our philantrophic money but also our philantrophic interests to support programs that will empower individuals to create lives of purposeful action for themselves, their families & the society as a whole. We hope we are able to continue to contribute to improve the lives of the needy especially women & children for many more years to come.


Not many of us can do great things. However, I am sure everyone one of us is certainly able to do small things but with great LOVE. On behalf of SWAN Foundation, I am honoured & grateful to have this blessing to give. The happy & smiling faces of the children & their families in appreciationof our assistance & their simple little words of thanks like “I love SWAN” & “Thank you, SWAN” are big inspirations to us to uphold our slogan ‘Always Caring & Giving’.


We are glad we have begun. We hope you will join us. In unity, we will strive to bring about happiness, harmony & hope to mankind.