As parents, you would want to keep your kids productive and occupied during this school holiday so they can get enough rest and fun before the start of the next school year. You may run out of ideas when the school holiday arrives since you have been spending the most of your time at home with your children. In this article, we highlight some activities and places you and your kids can enjoy together. So keep those phones and tablets away because it’s time to have some fun out in the sun!

  • Bring them to local attractions

Look no further because Malaysia has an abundance of interesting and wonderful places to visit with your kids such as Zoo Negara, Petrosains and Aquaria in KLCC, Kidzania and Legoland where they can learn while having fun. There are also plenty of free attractions available to visit like visiting Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery or Islamic Arts Museum for your kids to learn more about local history, art and culture. If your kid is the more adventurous and active type, you can also bring them to places like ESCAPE park or Jumpstreet where they can jump and play to their heart’s content. There are plenty of fun places to explore all around Malaysia so be sure to check them out with your family.

  • Learn a new sport

The school holidays are definitely the time to go outdoors, breathe fresh air and learn to play a new sport with your kids! There are many sports you can try out with your kids such as Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Football or Frisbee. Indoor sports like Bowling or Ping Pong can also be great options to encourage your child to be active and learn new skills. You can even be creative and come up with new sports games at home with your kids where there are no rules, so everyone can play and have fun with whatever sports equipment you already have at home. Learning a new sport can encourage children to enjoy more time with family and friends, and to be more active and reduce their time indoors with screens.  

  • Bake something with your kids

Baking is a great and fun way to introduce your child to important life skills like cooking. You can ask your kid what dessert or treat they feel like having, and you can go out to shop for the items and come back home to bake the dessert together. You can even encourage them to be creative when you decorate your bakes together, like putting colourful icing and sprinkles or shaving chocolate on top of your dessert. Not only will the children have fun and learn a new life skill, they will also be more appreciative of the food we put on the table as they learn about the energy and effort they put into making food. 

  • Go for a picnic

Having picnics can be a great way to spend time and have fun with family or hang out with friends. Malaysia also has many amazing places and beautiful parks for picnic spots such as Perdana Botanical Garden, Taman Eko Rimba Kanching Waterfalls or Orchid Park. Your kids will definitely enjoy having fun outside in nature and enjoying panoramic views surrounding them. You can easily pack a simple breakfast like sandwiches or Nasi Lemak in our SWAN Lunch Bag and you and your kids are ready to go! Picnics can be a great way to reconnect and strengthen bonds with your family and friends as you enjoy your time together. 

We hope the list will help give you and your family ideas on what to do for your kids’ school holidays. Don’t forget to have fun and spend the best time with your family and friends! These memories you make together will certainly put a smile on your kids’ faces and will be etched in their hearts as they grow older and remember fond memories of their childhood.