Celebrations are important and memorable parts of our lives, as they help build the foundation of relationships and keep the connection between parents and children. However, as we become older, it’s possible that we may feel too stressed or busy to carry on these traditions or share them with our children. Or, due to unforeseeable events like the COVID-19 endemic, we might be more wary about having big celebrations together.

There have been many difficulties and adjustments this year that have had an impact on all of our families and individuals. 

To the parents out there, take a moment as you read this to think back on those times when you still celebrated the holidays with your children and recall those moments. What activities and traditions can you continue to carry out this year? 

Here are 6 interesting activities to keep the holiday spirit alive with your loved ones.

  1. Decorate your home together

By decorating your home for Christmas, you can add a little festive cheer. Your to-do list probably already includes decorating a Christmas tree. By including a new Christmas ornament handcrafted by children every year, you can make this holiday occasion even more sentimental. To remember when each adorable ornament was made, mark the year on them! We all enjoy a little hands-on DIY Christmas project, and this one is simple to turn into a yearly family tradition that can display your child’s growth and creativity.

  1. Host a Secret Santa with your children 

Parents can pretend to be the Secret Santa and send gifts to their children without letting their children know! Give your children a surprise Christmas gift from SWAN bag to help them prepare for the new year school opening. 

  1. Christmas Movies

Spending an afternoon or night watching Christmas movies is a must! Let your children pick out their favourite movie and watch it together.  

  1. Christmas Cookies

On “cookie day,” children of all ages can help out in the kitchen. Teach your children how to bake cookies, let your children stir the bowl, add pre measured ingredients and decorate cooled cookies together. Get your children excited about baking by using fun shapes of cookies mold like Santa, Stockings, Snowmen, Christmas Trees and more.