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Great Heart Charity




Established in 2010, Great Heart Charity Association is a tax-exempted, non-profit charity association in Malaysia.

Great Heart mission is to be a charity platform that connects contributors, volunteers and beneficiaries to make charitable

giving a part of everyone’s life. They aim to provide assistance to our beneficiaries in two key aspects, in

the form of financial aid as well as emotional support, so that they may be able to self-sustain in the long run.

Care in Hand, Love in Heart. These are the words used to describe the heart in the Great Heart logo, present in

all the charity programs they run in the Klang Valley and beyond. Designed in 2011, their simple but distinctive design

portrays how each member of the organisation cares for others with their whole heart.


Heart Heart is their electric plug mascot with a huge heart, representing the energy they have in their hearts for the community.

The three pins on his head represent the contributors, volunteers and beneficiaries who are all connected through Great Heart.