How to Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive

How to Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive

Celebrations are important and memorable parts of our lives, as they help build the foundation of relationships and keep the connection between parents and children. However, as we become older, it’s possible that we may feel too stressed or busy to carry on these traditions or share them with our children. Or, due to unforeseeable events like the COVID-19 endemic, we might be more wary about having big celebrations together.

There have been many difficulties and adjustments this year that have had an impact on all of our families and individuals. 

To the parents out there, take a moment as you read this to think back on those times when you still celebrated the holidays with your children and recall those moments. What activities and traditions can you continue to carry out this year? 

Here are 6 interesting activities to keep the holiday spirit alive with your loved ones.

  1. Decorate your home together

By decorating your home for Christmas, you can add a little festive cheer. Your to-do list probably already includes decorating a Christmas tree. By including a new Christmas ornament handcrafted by children every year, you can make this holiday occasion even more sentimental. To remember when each adorable ornament was made, mark the year on them! We all enjoy a little hands-on DIY Christmas project, and this one is simple to turn into a yearly family tradition that can display your child’s growth and creativity.

  1. Host a Secret Santa with your children 

Parents can pretend to be the Secret Santa and send gifts to their children without letting their children know! Give your children a surprise Christmas gift from SWAN bag to help them prepare for the new year school opening. 

  1. Christmas Movies

Spending an afternoon or night watching Christmas movies is a must! Let your children pick out their favourite movie and watch it together.  

  1. Christmas Cookies

On “cookie day,” children of all ages can help out in the kitchen. Teach your children how to bake cookies, let your children stir the bowl, add pre measured ingredients and decorate cooled cookies together. Get your children excited about baking by using fun shapes of cookies mold like Santa, Stockings, Snowmen, Christmas Trees and more.

Gifting Season Ideas

Gifting Season Ideas

School holidays are here and the season of gifting and sharing is in full swing! We know parents must be scratching their heads, thinking of what to get for their loved ones. In this article, we will be highlighting some of the best-selling and newly launched items from SWAN, that will surely capture the hearts of your little ones. 

From personalised keychains and bunny plushies, to superhero-themed backpacks, there’s something for everyone this holiday season. If you’re thinking about budget, fret not! We’ll be listing down five items, all at an amazing price of RM150 and below, so be sure to check them out. 

  • SWAN Toddler Bag

First up is the SWAN Toddler Bag that comes in three amazing designs to choose from. If your child is a fan of superhero movies and comics, this one is a sure winner with them! The bag is lightweight and convenient to bring around anywhere, with comfortable straps for long-wear. It comes with a spacious interior and multiple compartments to fit in all of your child’s knick-knacks. What makes this bag especially unique is its safety features, such as a waist buckle to ensure the bag is secure and safe when worn, as well as reflectors on the straps to alert vehicles for when your child is walking on the street. A superhero bag fit for a superhero kid! The bag is priced at RM149.90 each. 

  • Bunny with Customised Name

Who doesn’t love a cute and fluffy bunny to cuddle? A wonderful option for the younger ones, this bunny has dreamy, soft fur with floppy ears that could also be customised with your child’s name for that extra personal touch. You can also choose your favourite font and font colours when customising the bunny. Comes in four sweet pastel colours – pink, blue, brown and white, this bunny is the perfect companion to give comfort for when your child is snoozing away in bed. It might also just be your child’s next best friend! The bunny is at a discounted price of RM49.90. 

  • SWAN Titan Backpack

For the older kids, we have our SWAN Titan Backpack that’s the perfect gift for school, outdoor activities or travel. Bringing heavy items like books and laptops can be a sore for the child when the bag is worn for long periods of time. Our Titan Backpack comes with thick padded straps and back padding to ensure maximum comfort and ergonomics for your child. Durable and comfortable, this backpack can also be worn for activities outside of school like tuition classes and sports activities, or could even be used as a travel backpack during the school holidays. Comes in three colours, you can also get this bag personalised with your child’s name to go that extra mile with your gifting! Get the backpack at RM 95.92 each during our gifting season promo. 

  • SWAN Name Strap Personalised Keychain

Want to take your gifts to the next level for your kid? How about adding a personalised keychain to their backpacks and lunch bags? Available in 8 fun colours to choose from, this keychain can fit up to 9 letters for your child’s name. These keychains are also a good idea to help prevent your child’s bags from being taken or mixed up by others at school. Besides attaching the keychain to the zipper of your backpack, you can also use the letters to customise your lunch bag. Just add the alphabets to the velcro strap of your lunch bag and you’re good to go! The alphabets start at RM4.50 each and the strap is RM9.90 each. 

  • SWAN Pencil Case 2-Layer

Last on our list is the SWAN Pencil Case 2-Layer which is spacious enough to fit a bunch of your child’s pencils, pens and other bits and bobs. With SWAN, you can be sure that our high quality material and smooth zippers are durable and made to last. Coming in multiple attractive colours and designs, your child will definitely be excited and spoilt for choice! This is also a great idea as a gift and a boost of motivation, in preparation for your child’s upcoming school year. The pencil case is priced at RM29.90 each.

Wallet-Friendly School Bags & Supplies

Wallet-Friendly School Bags & Supplies

In current times, school bags and supplies can sometimes have a hefty price tag on them. With parents having to spend up to hundreds of Ringgit for their child. Oftentimes, spending more does not always mean the items, especially school bags we purchase are of high quality and durability. 

Parents sometimes need to go the extra mile to compare and evaluate different brands of school bags to see the ones with the best quality and price, and which one fits their child’s wants and needs as well. In this article, we will highlight some of the best quality SWAN school bags and supplies, with attractive designs that would surely fit both your budget and your child’s preferences. To top it off, SWAN is offering these items at only RM300 as this month’s special bundle, so be sure to check them out!


One of our bestsellers, the SWAN Smile Doodle 2 Series Trolley (XL) is one of our most versatile and durable bags that are perfect for school. 

Comes in 2 different designs – Ace and Galaxy, this nifty backpack also has a spacious compartment, laptop compartment and a water bottle pocket to fit all your child’s books and school essentials. 

The exterior of the bag is made with water-resistant and durable material, with 360° wheels, so you can be sure this bag is able to weather any storm and condition. The bag is priced at RM208.00 each.


One of our personal favourites is the SWAN 2 Layers Pencil Box that comes with two separate compartments to store your stationery and supplies.

Made with water-resistant material and durable stitching, this handy-dandy pencil box can also be used for different purposes other than school. The compartments are large enough to store medical essentials like face masks and medication, or even toiletries and makeup for travelling. 

Comes in blue and pink with a unique alphabet design, these pencil boxes are priced at RM79.90 each.


For your child’s stationery, we also have the SWAN Pencil Case which is light but spacious enough to fit in their pencils, pens and other knick-knacks. Frequently used items like pencil cases can be a problem when their zippers get stuck or pens poke a hole through the material. 

With SWAN, you can be sure that our high quality material and smooth zippers are durable enough for your child to use everyday with ease and convenience. Coming in two attractive colours, you can get these pencil cases at an amazing price of RM10.90 each.


The last one on our list is the SWAN Unicorn Water Bottle 550ml. This bottle is lightweight and convenient to bring anywhere – whether it’s to school for classes and recess time, or for after school activities like sports and hangouts with friends. 

The best part about this bottle is its 360° straw, so you can drink at any angle with ease. The bottle is also able to withstand temperatures of -10℃ to 80℃ for your hot and cold drinks. The bottle is priced at RM39.90 each. 

So what do you think of our wallet-friendly options of school bags and supplies featured in this list? Don’t forget to grab the chance to bundle these items together and get it at only RM300, available this month only while stocks last.

Ways to Wean Your Child Off Video Games

Ways to Wean Your Child Off Video Games

Most parents lament that it is challenging to restrict their child’s time spent playing video games. A child who shows no signs of stopping his or her gaming session is a frightening sight for a parent.

According to the study, playing video games for more than three hours per day could result in a negative impact on your child’s psychological adjustment and academic performance. As a result, it is vital to limit the child’s play time to less than three hours per day, especially on school days.

When attempting to wean your child off of computer gaming, a strategy is essential. They keep playing for a variety of reasons. As a result, parents must understand this and be patient when employing this tactic. It is safer to go slowly than too quickly.

4 Ways To Wean your Child off Video Games 

Here are some ways to help your kids reduce the amount of time playing video games.

1. Arrange active indoor or outdoor activities for your children 

Introduce them to activities that are as enjoyable as video games, and look for ways to include your children’s friends to make it more appealing. Some children may enjoy martial arts, safe high-adrenaline activities, or clubs, groups, and events that provide a sense of challenge.

The most important aspect in this situation is to find an activity that matches their interests. If your child enjoys building in Minecraft, parents should allow their children to play with LEGO, as building an actual structure will spark an interest in your child. The idea is to get creative and help them emulate their favourite video game feature with something more realistic that will motivate them to get off the couch.

2.Help your child set and reach a long-term goal

Your child may have an unattainable passion or goal. If you can find something your child is interested in, you might be able to help them realise their dreams. Most children do not consider long-term projects, but you can show them how good time management and money management can result in significant benefits.

Your child may want to take on a significant project such as custom building a PC, restoring an old automobile (and learning a lot in the process), building a doghouse, building a guitar, planting a garden, sewing a dress or engaging in another challenging hobby such as skateboarding. Of course, as a parent, you must participate to help fund and supervise the project’s completion. A long-term project with your child is rewarding for both of you!

  1. Acknowledge your child’s efforts in offline pursuits

One of the most appealing aspects of video games is that anyone can play them and get instant gratification. Other skills, such as music, take time, effort, and self-discipline to become truly enjoyable. You can encourage your children to find fulfilment in offline activities by acknowledging and rewarding their efforts and accomplishments along the way. 

According to Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, children who had their intelligence praised were significantly more likely to decline the opportunity to do a difficult new task from which they could learn. They didn’t want to do anything that would draw attention to their flaws or cast doubt on their abilities. However, 90% of the children who received praise for their efforts and hard work were eager to participate in the new, challenging activity.

  1. Have family time together

Playing video games is frequently a solitary pursuit. Spending quality time with children would help them spend less time playing video games. Not only that, it allows for valuable communication and eventually helps lift children out of the isolated bubble of their game consoles. As parents, ask your children if they want to do a fun activity with you for a short period of time. Begin small. Playing in the garden for 10 minutes is completely acceptable.

Here are more family activities ideas to help you get started:

  • Have family meal together 
  • Family bike rides
  • Family movie night
  • Neighbourhood walks
  • Read a book together
  • Bake cookies together 
How to Start Planning for the School Holidays

How to Start Planning for the School Holidays

The school holidays are coming soon and for some this brief moment of slowing down the pace is just what’s needed after a busy school term. The holidays can be a window of opportunity for parents to truly connect with their children. It is during this time that beautiful core memories are created, that both parents and children can cherish for a long time. 

However, keeping kids entertained can be tough. Doing a little bit of planning for the school holidays will make life easier and make it a lovely time for everyone including you as parents. Here are some tips to plan for the school holidays.  

  1. Plan ahead

When school holidays are long, especially end of the year holidays, it pays to plan in advance to 

make sure things run smoothly. Marking down in your calendar when you are going to be away on holiday will help you to prepare beforehand in terms of packing.

If your kids are going to  spend time with their grandparents, relatives or going away on a holiday program, make sure to space out their time so that they do not feel rushed to move from one place to another. 

This will also give you more time to wash their clothes and help them with their packing. Planning weekly activities weekly will also ease the pressure of you to constantly come up with spontaneous activities to keep them entertained. Besides, choosing the right bag for your kids to bring during the holidays is important to make sure there is space for everything such as the 

  1. Team up with other parents

If you’re thinking of finding ways to entertain your children during the school holidays, chances are that other parents are wondering the same thing too. Get together with other parents that you know and plan the holidays together as it can be mutually beneficial. Just by doing things together, your children will be entertained and this gives you time to catch up with other parents and have adult conversations while the kids play together. 

For example, you can go to the park together or visit a cafe with a play area. The children can play together while parents catch up over a coffee. At the same time, you can take turns with other parents to take over the entire group of kids. 

This can be one day of each week, which gives each parent some day off during each week without having to worry about what the kids are doing.

3. Have your own Family traditions

Based on research, it shows that our children may not necessarily remember the most extravagant activities, but the little routine activities that they experienced while growing up. This could be making pancakes together with the family on school holidays, visiting their cousins, or going up to Cameron Highlands to visit the strawberry farm. 

Having your own family traditions can be simple or extravagant, but it gives something for your kids to look forward to and expect during the holidays that makes it special for them. Whether it’s going to the movies or eating at your family favourite restaurant, your holiday family traditions will make memories for life.

4.Rest & Unwind

While fun, games, and activities are expected during school holidays, this is also a good time for children to rest, relax and unwind. Planning a hundred activities ahead may seem like a great idea, but everyone can end up exhausted and burnt out including you. Use the school holidays to balance out  fun activity days with lazy days at home.

Every day of the holiday month does not have to be packed with activities. If your child is attending a holiday program, make sure it includes some rest time. For example, if the weekday is jam packed with activities make sure the weekends are relaxed to give your child some down time to sleep in and be lazy.

Our children need some time in between school to recharge their batteries. Consider having an all-day-pyjama-day and watching cartoons day.

The Importance of Hygiene in School

The Importance of Hygiene in School

The Covid-19 pandemic had not only impacted the global economy but it changed the way we live our lives and interact with one another. 

Despite all that, the pandemic inevitably opened our eyes towards the importance of hygiene and altered our behaviours and attitudes. People are washing their hands more regularly now more than ever and taking care of their health.

As we move towards normalcy, and schools re-open, we should carry forward these good  hygiene habits to ensure our kids stay healthy and stay safe from illnesses. Schools are a common area where viruses and germs spread viruses amongst kids when they mix with one another, play together and share their food together.


4 Ways To Instil good hygiene habits in kids

Here are some ways to help your kids practice good hygiene habits

1. Wash hands, rinse and repeat

Hygiene starts with washing hands.

It is not surprising that health ministries around the world have emphasised the importance of washing hands as the first step to preventing the spread of germs. Washing hands is the basic hygiene habit that your child should learn as well as knowing when and how to wash their hands properly.

Important times to wash hands

  • Before and after eating
  • After using the toilet
  • After sneezing and coughing
  • After touching pets
  • Before and after cleaning a cut or wound

Follow this 5 important steps to washing hands 

  • Rinse hands with water
  • Turn off the tap and apply soap to your hands
  • Scrub hands with soap at the palms, back of hands, between fingers and fingernails
  • Turn on the tap and rinse your hands well
  • Dry hands with a clean towel or tissue


  1. Start young

We know that good habits develop best when our kids start young. Start by teaching them early on the importance of washing hands, taking showers, and brushing their teeth.Guide them to do these tasks at first when they are around the age of 3-5 years old. 

Make sure you are present while they do these tasks so that you can encourage them if they are doing them well or show them what they can do better. As they get older by 6-9 years old, they should be able to perform their hygiene routines on their own, but make sure to frequently check in on them and give them little reminders.

  1. Make sure their finger nails are always clean

It is a widely known fact that fingernails are a breeding ground for bacteria. The germs that accumulate under your kid’s nails can be easily transferred to their mouth, eyes and nose. This can lead to infection and illnesses in most cases. Ensure that your child’s fingernails are clipped and trimmed every week on a regular basis.

When they are old enough, guide the, to cut their nails through this steps:

  • Trim nails when they are getting long with a clean nail clipper(best to trim after taking a bath)
  • Cut nails straight across while rounding a little at the edges to keep nails strong
  • Cut straight across for toenails as well to reduce the risk of getting ingrowns
  • Filing nails back and forth can weaken nails so remember file in the same direction when smoothing rough edges
  • Avoid pushing back cuticles as they are important in protecting nail roots
  1. Ensure Their School bags and Toys are clean

The two things that your child holds the most are their school bags when they attend school in the morning and their favourite toys when they come home from school. That being said, it would make sense as parents to ensure that these two items are always clean. Kids play with their toys almost everywhere and you would be surprised where they end up putting their toys sometimes (hint: their mouth). 

Moreover, when they share their toys with their friends, germs tend to be transmitted through them. On the other hand, make sure your kid’s school bags are clean without remnants of food, especially if they carry their lunches and snacks in their bags to school. Keeping the items that your kids use on a daily basis clean will ensure that germs and bacteria do not spread easily. Here is a quick guide on how to clean your school bag:

Forming good hygiene habits is an essential part of a healthy child growing up. As with other habits, these habits may take time for you kids to follow and develop, but the long-term health investment will be worth the trouble in the end.