4 tips to Choose the Right School Bag for your Kids! - Swanbag

Carrying the weight of every textbook, workbook and exercise book you own is every Malaysians’ childhood shudder. But little is known or discussed about-the detrimental effects of carrying that much weight on your shoulders especially through our growing and physical developmental years.

According to a 2013 study, done by researchers for Journal Of Humanities And Social Science, the improper use of a backpack can cause muscle imbalance which could lead to chronic back and neck pain in the future (Rai & Agrawal,2013).

Investing in the right school bag could bring many benefits and also ease the mind of parents who have been concerned about their child carrying a backpack that weighs more than their children can take.

Here are 4 tips to look out for when choosing the right school bag for your child

Broad Padded and Adjustable Straps

With broad padded straps it allows the weight to be evenly distributed on the shoulders. Not only that, it also protects the shoulders unlike non padded straps that will likely dig into the shoulders causing discomfort. With the adjustable straps for the bag to sit comfortably on the back. A good example will be the SWAN Smart Lite School Bag.

Try on the school bag

Let your child try on the school bag, it gives the opportunity to test out how the bag sits and whether the weight distribution of the bag is good.

Pockets and Compartments.

Look for a bag that has ample pockets and compartments enough for your child to organize their belongings. Making it easy for them to find and access their belongings. In addition to the shoulder straps distributing the weight evenly, having multiple pockets and compartments as well allows the weight to be distributed evenly throughout the bag. The SWAN Ergolite backpack features an organizer side pocket for sorting items neatly and easy to be found when things are needed. Multiple zip pockets to sort books and accessories indifferent areas to locate things easier and also a water bottle pocket.

Choose the right size

The size of the school bag should be proportionate to your child’s size. It would not be ideal if children walk around carrying an adult sized bag. In addition to that, the bag should sit slightly below the shoulders, about 2 inches, or even just slightly above the waist for a comfortable position. Check out the latest offers when choosing the right school bag for your child. With a SWAN Quality bag, you are investing in a bag that will support and grow with your child.